Oh sweet, sweet connectivity.

Oh sweet, sweet connectivity.

We’re back after a multi-day downtime. When I got home around midnight on Friday I found the cable modem not working and called Cox. They couldn’t see any problems on their end and scheduled a service call for next Wednesday. Right, like I could last that long.

I called again on Saturday and got someone more helpful. He gave me some ideas to try and moved my service call to Tuesday. We got busy yesterday and everyone is sick this morning so it wasn’t until tonight that I tried them and, boom, we’re back on the air.

Looks like either the splitter or the wire from the splitter to my cable modem went bad. When I moved the modem to the Kitchen drop it came up just fine. I’ll do a test to see if it’s the splitter or the wire and then work on this from there. But I’m getting much better reception in the bedroom with the wireless hub in the kitchen now so it’s going to stay there rather than return to the basement.