Richard Gephardt says John McCain is…

Richard Gephardt says John McCain is “someone a lot of Democrats could get interested in.” Be careful, that could backfire. What if the Republicans ran McCain instead of Bush. I bet a lot of Dems would be interested in him, over Kerry. [Scripting News]

Ok, am I the only one who would LOVE a McCain vs. Kerry matchup? See, I have no trouble having to pick between two candidates who I think would make excellent Presidents. To me, running McCain is the smartest thing the Republican Party can do. They have to see what a mess Bush has made of everything (even if they would never publicly admit it) or at least how divisive he has been.

As a left-leaning person who tends to vote for the more liberal candidate I certainly like Kerry more (especially in the whole pro-choice arena) but I view both men as honest people who believe in their country and who would try to do right by America. That’s win-win.

And then the election can be about vision for America.

Of course, I’m intrigued by a Kerry/McCain vs. Bush/Cheney matchup too…