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Project365 Complete!

On November 30, 2010 I took the 365th photograph in my year-long journey of taking a picture every day. With the exception of a few guest shots by others (usually my wife) and a day or two where I never took a picture and fudged with two from the next (shhh!) it’s been a year long odyssey  of growth and discovery. And I think I am a better photographer for having done it. I learned so much about the mechanics of photography but even more about how to see, compose, and play.

I had such a good time that yesterday, December 1st, I kicked off year two.

The complete Year One can been seen at MobileMe and Flickr and in the slideshow below.


Sunset over Rt. 37

Golden Autumn Light

Golden Autumn Light

Originally uploaded by andyjw

Not a perfect HDR given the double-image in parts of the tree (see upper right) but I tweaked it to really match the quality of the light I was seeing at that moment in time.

Autumn is here!

Early Morning Foggy Light (HDR)This is an HDR attempt. It’s not perfect but is as close as I can get with a phone camera in capturing the cool early morning light.

I used an HDR App on my iPhone 3GS. It works very well but there’s some faded out areas in the middle I’m not happy about. Though, this was through a window and it is entirely possible that was stuff on the window. But I’ve seen these areas on other pictures so I am still going to blame the app!

Autumn in Providence

Beautiful fall day in Providence this past weekend.

Photo of the Day: Moon over Nordstrom


Photo of the Day: Ave Louis Pasteur

Caught on my walk to work today.

Photo of the Day: Mastery Martial Arts

A panorama of tonight’s karate class.

Photo of the Day

Caught! Don’t mess with his Webkinz.

Playing “Small World”