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Podcrumbs #8: Interview with Dave Winer

Podcrumbs #8: Interview with Dave Winer is up!

Podcrumbs #7 now available

Podcrumbs #7: Interview with Robert Burke Warren Part 4 is now up over at Podcrumbs. I’m just sayin’…

How to record a podcast + enhancements

Over in Podcrumbs, I detail an expansion on Glenn Fleishman’s excellent article in MacDevCenter on recording a Podcast for my own nefarious purposes.

Podcrumbs #6

Podcrumbs #6 is finally done (a week late, we were all sick) and available at the link above. It features part 3 of my 4 part interview with Robert Burke Warren.

Podcrumbs #5 (Last week!)

I just realized that I never linked to Podcrumbs #5 which was released last Sunday. If you were looking for it and didn’t know until it until this particular blog entry, then you might have missed the note that Podcrumbs is now in its own domain (follow the link below). Podcrumbs #6 will be out later today, sick family willing. Until then, there’s always Podcrumbs #5: Interview with Robert Burke Warren Part 2

Podcrumbs has Moved

A quick audio-note for people who only check this site via iPodder or other audio-only tool (if you can read this, don’t bother listening, it just gives the info that Podcrumbs has now moved to

Podcrumbs #4: Interview with Robert Burke Warren

Episode the Fourth in which I interview singer/songwriter Robert Burke Warren (website) (Part 1 of 3 or 4) about singing children’s music, analog vs. digital recording, and he sings a cover of Ghost Riders in the Sky with a backing vocals provided by the under-10 set. Details: mp3, 18:49, 6.5MB

Podcrumbs #3

Episode the Third in which I talk about social bookmarking, my new technical setup, call for input for the TidBITs articles I’m writing on podcasting, and ask Jack to describe a picture he’s drawn. Details: mp3, 12:02, 4.3MB

Podcrumbs #2

Episode The Second in which we apologize for being lame and taking so long to get #2 done, plug Mur Lafferty’s new podcast and discuss how not to set up a holiday party. Details: 6″26, 2.2MB, mp3.

Podcrumbs Debut

So, what better way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of this blog than by starting a podcast!

Episode The First in which we introduce ourselves and discuss the Daisy as a possible solution to the annoyances of listening to really long podcasts on devices designed for short music pieces. Details: 9″57, 4.8MB, mp3.

Updated: Changed the name of the file to remove an extra period. That was stupid.