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Aging Well?

At Priscilla's

At Priscilla’s,
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Every time we get together we take one of these (ok, ok, it’s usually my idea to do so…) we’re certainly aging…

I should upload the others just to scare myself…

Scripting News Brunch – Feb 6 2005

Scripting News Brunch - Feb 6 2005

Dave Winer writes about this morning’s Scripting News brunch: “It was a very nice meetup, one of the best ever.”

I enjoyed it very much. Got to meet some interesting people with whom I hope to continue the dialog we started. Makes the speeding ticket I got on my way there worth it.

(Via Scripting News.)

Jack’s Art

JackArt.gifIn my most recent podcast, I let Jack describe a work of art. This is that piece. It’s called “Fire Button that Shoots Candy All Over Everyone.” Marker on Paper. 2004.

At least get your facts straight…

Good summary of all that is stupid this week on Eschaton.

Dick Clarke is Telling the Truth

Dick Clarke Is Telling the Truth – Why he’s right about Bush’s negligence on terrorism. By Fred Kaplan

Another good read. The key point for me is how the White House is doing little in the way of rebutting his claims but rather trying for character assassination. That’s pretty damning right there.


Tuesday is our primary. The last one I participated in was the one in New Hampshire in 1992 and for the life of me, I can’t remember who I voted for. I know that I worked for the Clinton campaign later on after he was clear nominee (my favorite moment was when a grizzled old Vietnam vet came up to the Clinton table at a state fair in Vermont wearing a “Don’t Burn the Flag” shirt. I thought he was going to rip into us about them damn liberals or something. But he just thoughtfully looked at some paper and then looked up at me and said “I don’t know much about this guy but I don’t like the way Bush has been treating us vets. Thanks. I’ll read this.” and he walked off.)

Anyway… who to vote for? Some months back, I was getting pretty interested in Dean. I liked his independent streak and Kerry and Gephart just felt like more big money democrats and did we really need more of them? But Dean’s campaign is all but over now and Kerry is the heir apparent. Ann’s been reading far more than I have and is very into Kerry. She’s been pointing out how much of the anti-Kerry rhetoric is just so much noise. She’s been delving into articles about his past performance as a Senator and what he’s stood for over the years. She’s been bringing me around on the guy. Still, I need to make sure I take time tomorrow night to go in-depth so when I vote Tuesday morning, I do it right.

Photos of the Day (Winter Weather Edition)

Tire tracks in the snow that look like a Christmas TreeJack was excitedly pointing out the front window yelling that he saw a Christmas tree. We both looked and could not see any trees outside at all. I thought he might have meant he saw a green car the same color as a tree (one was out there). Turns out, he meant the pattern of tire tracks in the snow. See it?

Nice afternoon light on the townhouses(Click for larger version) The late-afternoon light on the townhomes was downright pretty.

Sunlight Reflecting off a Window late winter afternoonSunlight reflecting off a nearby house’s windows.

Jack throwing snowJack throwing snow. He had a blast outside on our postage-stamp front lawn.

The Cube

Wired News: Apple Cube: Alive and Selling

Huh. We have a Cube but since we both have work-provided TiBooks, we hardly use it. Maybe we should sell it and recoup some money…

devIS in the News

Interesting article about the company I work for. Mostly accurate. Mostly. Though, why a major publication can’t spell the company name right (it’s devIS, not deVis) is beyond me.

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CSS Links

Discovered yesterday as I was working on some site designs at work. Some very nice sites and some very informative.

  • CSS Tabs: Zeldman calls these the best tabs ever. They’re ok. I think the submenu works if you don’t have a lot in level 2. But if you have long titles or a long list, this design breaks down.
  • Clagnut: links to some css tutorials and is itself a beautiful site.
  • Styling Blockquotes: is one of the better ones Clagnut links to. Don’t be surprised to see this appear on this site in the not-too-distant future 🙂
  • Plone is a content management system. I think the site has an elegant design that uses excellent CSS.