i believe

My co-workers and friends have not understood why I’ve been so blasé about the ALDS and the ALCS up until now. I’ve not watched more than a few minutes of any of the games. In fact, I’ve avoided actively the last few days as I found that when I did watch, bad things happened.

You know, who cares why?

I did watch tonight’s game and nothing bad happened (except for Francona inexplicably putting Pedro in) and we won and we’re going to the World Series…

When there were two outs at the bottom of the ninth with the Sox up 7 runs, I said to Ann, “Oh my God… are we going to do it?” and she, sitting in near fetal position on the couch, said, “This is the Red Sox. Are you kidding?”

True. They could easily have blown that game even then.

But they didn’t.

They came back from a 3 game deficit and won two at Yankee Stadium. That’s just damned impressive.

This World Series is going to be fun.

And I’ll be watching every single game.