Pub Quiz After 4+ Months Off

I had the opportunity to host Geeks Who Drink pub quiz at Pizza J tonight for the first time since December 19th. Being a sub is a a pain when none of the regular local hosts ever take time off. This time, one did and a newbie to the local hosts scooped up all of the slots. I had to ask him to free one up so I could get a chance. Share the load, dude. I should be the first in line for a new venue if we ever get one. So I’ve got that going for me.

Part of the gig is writing a blog post about the event. Mine is here.

A good chunk of the cast and crew of the show I was just in (we closed on Sunday), The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee came split into two teams. It was fun to have so many people I know among the teams tonight (including my own regular team, pictured above, which includes my wife.)

Turns out, four months isn’t enough time to get rusty, though I did start the evening a bit shakily. But that was because there was an audio cable missing from the setup box (found still attached to the PA system rather than being, you know, in the box) and then the WiFi not working properly (a problem since I keep score in a Google Sheet and my iTunes library is all in the cloud so all the music I play isn’t available to me offline.) So that rattled me a bit. But once I got going it went very smoothly. And complete strangers came up to me at the end to tell me they had a great time, which always is wonderful to hear.

Hopefully it will be a much shorter interval before I host again…

Catching Up

MASH-flyerSo, I should probably have posted about M*A*S*H before, you know, the show opened. At least I posted it while it still has three performances to go… not that I expect this site will generate audience for the show.

Anyway, I directed M*A*S*H and have a wonderfully talented cast and crew. It’s been a fantastic experience and I will be sad when it is over.

In other news, we’re having the BIG tree in our back yard taken down today. It has rot visible high up at the site of where an old branch was removed years ago and we were thinking its was local to that spot until a piece of bark right at the ground level blew off in a wind storm two weeks ago and we could see the rot underneath. So, rather than wait for it to fall on our house, we called the tree peeps to take it down. This makes me incredibly sad as this was a huge, beautiful tree, a swamp maple, and losing it means a lot less shade in our yard. A lot less.

We’ll plant some new trees to make up for it but it will be years before they give us real shade in the summer.

And that’s all the news to report today.