Getting Back in Touch/Looking for Work

There is one upside to looking for a new job, you get to speak to a lot of friends and colleagues you haven’t spoken to for some time. I try to stay in touch with people and there’s quite a few I do manage to speak to regularly (and one I keep finding jobs for and owes me more than a few *cough* *cough*) but there are those few that I have not been in touch with for some time. So, today I sent out an email to a large number of people looking for ideas/leads/encouragement/whatever and I’m getting all these great emails back from people and getting caught up on their lives. So, silver lining.

The flipside, of course, is that I am, in fact, looking for new work. I’ve had a wonderful 3 years leading the development team at Ozmott but by April 1, I need a new job. I’ve learned a great deal these past few years that I can bring to my new employers and am looking forward to learning new things there as well. So, there it is. Resume available on request, just drop me an email at Andy at the domain of this website (really not that hard an email to figure out…)

Oh, and if you did not get an email from me (and you think you should have) then I humbly apologize and invite you to chastise me in an email (where I will blame an out of date email address for the problem.)

We’ve Known Each Other Too Long

Chris Kagy and I have known each other far too long. He’s starting to really scare me.

Back in the late 80s, when I was in college, I went with my girlfriend to see Don McLean perform. It was a truly awful concert. Clearly he’d been singing American Pie so long that he could only sing the embellishments and not the actual melody. And he stopped half-way through to get chatty about random stuff. It was a bad concert. At any rate, my girlfriend had, shall we say, a distinctive laugh. At one point, Don said something funny and she laughed out loud. He stopped, looked out into the audience and asked “Did somebody bring a parrot with them?”

I haven’t thought about that in well over a decade.

Yesterday, Jack came home from preschool talking about how they studied Van Gogh’s Starry Night in school and how he painted his own copy which I need to go into school to see as it is hanging in the children’s gallery. All evening, Don McLean’s Starry Night was going around in my head and somewhere in there I remembered the parrot comment and laughed and thought, “I should blog about that.”

And then I promptly forgot about it again.

Just now, sitting in the office with all the windows wide open (on our first near-70 degree day) we heard somebody outside laugh. Chris looked out the window and asked, “Somebody got a parrot out there?”

He’s starting to really scare me.