Posterous: New Toy du Jour

I am trying out posterous (my site: and it’s post-everywhere feature. If this works, it should go to twitter, facebook, livejournal, flickr, and my blog. On the plus side, it makes it much simpler for me to post stuff to all of the usual sites all at once. I have friends who only follow me on twitter or facebook but not my blog or flickr, or other combinations . With a tool like this, I can reach everyone at once. I think this will double or triple post in facebook thanks to friendfeed being in the mix there so I may reduce by one or two the other secondary services I use. On the down side, my images are stored on posterous’ site which makes my ultimate blog portability less. If I change things around, I’ll have the text in my WordPress database but not the images which will make my blog break if I ever discontinue posterous down the road. So, there’s that to worry about. But, still, for now it’s a cool thing to try out. If you do follow me, where do you follow me? I’m curious where you come from. I should pick one service to be mission control, the “if you want to stalk Andy, do it here” type site but each has its own special usage. Twitter is great for small chatter which I would never bother blogging about and blogs are good for longer, more thought out pieces. LJ is really only useful insofar as I can post private stuff there only friends can read. Otherwise, it is redundant and pointless. Flickr is for photos only and facebook is… well, facebook is its own thing.
Anyway, let me know where you follow me. I will influence what services I use moving forward. Happy Holidays!


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