Project 365

Thanks to the free iPhone App Photo 365, I have embarked on a fun project to take at least one photo every day. I decided to keep this 100% iPhone relying only on the iPhone 3GS camera and a handful of processing apps including Best Camera, Photoshop, TiltShiftGen, and ColorMill. The app supports uploading to a specific album in Facebook, which if I understand Facebook’s privacy settings, is world-viewable, and I am also trying to get these up into a Flickr set as well but not daily as I don’t scrape the pictures off my phone into iPhoto that often. I’m learning a lot as I go through the process. For example, I am not trying to take pictures of beautiful things but rather am discovering how the mundane can be made interesting through composition and/or creative filtering. I’m 19 days in so I have a long way to go. It will be interesting to see how my eye changes as the year progresses.

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