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MyMac Book Review of Take Control of Podcasting

Elisa Pacelli over at writes a very nice review of Take Control of Podcasting On The Mac.

Positive Comments Make My Day

Louis Trapani wrote a wonderful blog post about my book, Take Control of Podcasting on the Mac, 3rd Edition. The reception the book has received has been very gratifying and I am thankful to everyone who has bought it and gotten back to me.

I have taken a bit of a hiatus from podcasting as I have been busy starting a new job but am planning on resuming my podcast for Swamp Meadow Community Theatre and possibly starting one or two other projects I’ve been thinking about, as time permits.

In the meantime, please drop me a line if you’ve read the book and have questions, comments, or even just want to say hi!

Take Control of Podcasting on the Mac is out!

TCoP CoverThe 3rd edition of my book, Take Control of Podcasting on the Mac, is now out! If you have ever wanted to start a podcast, or take your current podcast to the next level, then my book will help! I had a lot of fun writing this over the last few months and hope you find it useful.

A Podcast is Born

Swamp Meadow Community Theatre LogoI am in the midst of revising Take Control of Podcasting (a fascinating venture given that Apple has gutted GarageBand of all the useful podcasting features) and in order to actually be able to speak from knowledge (rather than from memory) I needed to start podcasting again. It so happens that Swamp Meadow Community Theatre, where I have been acting, directing, and doing tech these last four years, is in some need of social media marketing. So, I proposed starting a new podcast to promote theater activities.

A few weeks later, I have produced two shows with another two planned. I may only do this in the run up to actual shows but we’ll see how much content there is to be had in the quiet times between productions. At any rate, it’s great to be back to podcasting. I hadn’t realized how much I’d missed it in the last few years. I doubt I will start a new one up for just myself. But I enjoy producing one for others and may even look to expand on that.

Take Control of Podcasting (the Podcast) Reboot!

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Hello (again) World! Welcome to! This site (is in the process of becoming) the new web (and RSS) home of Take Control of Podcasting on the Mac: The Podcast. And I’m being sly and renaming it slightly. I’m calling it Take Control of Podcasting and expanding my coverage to include the iPhone because the iPhone has become a viable platform for end-to-end podcasting. It’s also a great tool as part of a workflow as well.

I’m going to keep the old site alive a while longer while I finish moving everything over to here.

It will continue to act as a companion to my ebook and will continue to be 100% free. The book is not required but if you do buy a copy of the book, you are helping fund my ability to buy better equipment, test, and help you get started doing an awesome show.

Ok, I know you’re saying, “Sure. A new site. But where’s a new episode?” Well, hold that thought. I’ll have a new episode up and running as soon as I get all of the old ones moved over. Heck, maybe I’ll get one here sooner… you never know…

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Take Control of Podcasting Episode 10: Interview with Chuck Joiner

Over on the Take Control of Podcasting on the Mac site, I just posted episode 10, my interview with Chuck Joiner. This is the second in an ongoing series I am doing where I am speaking to Mac-based podcasters about their shows, their rigs, how they got their start, and any advice they have for folks just starting out. Chuck is a well known podcaster and an accomplished interviewer. He’s interviewed me twice when new editions of my book have come out and it’s always a joy to record those sessions. I got to turn the tables on him and find out how he approaches interviewing. Well worth a listen for anyone interested in conducting interviews.

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WireTap Anywhere Records from Multiple Sources

My latest article for TidBITS has gone live on their site: “WireTap Anywhere Records from Multiple Sources” — I wrote the initial draft of this article at 11:30PM in my hotel room in Las Vegas after the end of the New Media Expo. The guys at the Ambrosia booth were very accommodating as I kept coming back with more questions every day of the show. It’s an impressive product and I’m very happy to have reviewed it. You’ll note that my only complaints are more about GarageBand being a resource hog (OK, that’s not entirely fair… when I compare it to Audio Hijack Pro I am talking recording 4 channels versus 2 so it’s not so much that GarageBand is a resource hog so much as it is trying to do more than Audio Hijack Pro is in the same situation — as I describe in the article).

It is an expensive tool but for the people who need it, an excellent one.

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Take Control of Podcasting on the Mac, 2nd Edition Released!

The latest edition of my book, Take Control of Podcasting on the Mac, Second Edition, has been released! It took five months and a lot of sweat, but it’s out and I am extremely pleased with how this edition came out. One thing I always wanted to do was cover audio effects and include sample recordings illustrating what they do. This edition includes these as well as coverage of new programs WireTap Studio and Ubercaster. It also updates the other tools for the latest versions and contains substantial rewrites of much of the rest of the book. Finally, it also includes a new section on interviewing techniques.

From the Book’s Web Page:

Beginning a podcast is easier than starting a radio station, but it’s still hard to assemble your hardware and software, and learn the tricks of the trade. You can easily meet that challenge with start-to-finish guidance from long-time podcaster Andy Affleck…

The ebook begins with a look at how to plan a podcast’s topic, format, and polish. Then Andy focuses on choosing the right microphone and audio software, followed by step-by-step instructions for recording using Audio Hijack Pro, GarageBand, Sound Studio, WireTap Studio, and Übercaster, with advice about conducting interviews by phone, iChat, and Skype. Once your audio is in the can, you’ll learn how to use audio plug-ins to make the recording sound better, complete with downloadable sound files to supplement the text. You’ll also find out how to edit out any awkward bits, plug in additional audio, and mix tracks. Finally, the ebook covers how to encode your podcast, add useful tags and chapters, find a publishing tool, and publish your podcast for the world to hear.


Podcasting on the Brain

Podcasting has taken over my brain. I’m currently working on three major projects, all podcast-related. The first is an update to my ebook, Take Control of Podcasting on the Mac. I’m updating the book for new versions of the software covered in the book while adding a few new ones and dropping Audacity, which I can no longer in good conscience recommend to beginners or even intermediate podcasters. We’re aiming for an August release to coincide with my second major project.

I am preparing my talk at the New Media Expo in Las Vegas for mid-August. I’ll be sharing the podium with Ed Vawter and we’ll be covering GarageBand ’08 and podcasting and the use of audio filters/plug-ins in podcasting. I have my hotel reservation and plane tickets and even got a ticket to Coverville500 so I can see Doctor Floyd live (Jack’s favorite show) and Jonathan Coulton. I’m very excited. Originally, we were all going to go but we decided to save our pennies to take Jack to Disney World so it’ll be just me attending. Still, I’ve never been to Vegas so I’m excited about this trip.

Finally, I am preparing a new podcast called Our Stories. The premise is that everyone has a good story in them (at least one) and I want to capture and present these stories. This is hardly a new idea. There are shades of This American Life in here but the intent is to simply let people present their stories with only limited prompting from me. This is both fun and very scary as going up to strangers to chat them up for something like this is well outside my comfort zone. And, I must admit, that’s part of my motivation for doing this: to challenge and stretch myself.

Bursts of Creativity


If this is my midlife crisis, I’ll take it. I’ve been having a strong burst of creative energy over the last few months which has been slowly building. I’ve purchased a new, updated copy of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain and the associated work book, I bought a guitar and software to help me learn to play (and boy do my fingers hurt!), I’ve started podcasting again (new episode last night!) and I even went out and bought a mixer and microphone to take my podcasting to a new level, and I am starting a new podcast (even registered a domain and have started work on the website for it as well as the plan for the show). This last project is one I’ve actually wanted to do for a few years now and am finally getting around to. I’ll post more about it when I am ready to go public. I need another month or so of setup and preparation (yes, it’s not just a sit down, turn on GarageBand and start talking, this one requires some planning and effort).

I am not sure where all of this creativity is coming from. But I’m glad it’s here and it’s happening. I actually think NaNoWriMo is the likely root cause. By forcing myself to do that, I discovered just how far I can go if I apply myself. And I realized that sometimes you just have to stop making excuses and sit down and get to work. And my whole life philosophy has shifted thanks to that happy discovery. Now I am making the time to do the things I truly love and it feels amazing. I cannot recommend it enough.