Take Control of Podcasting Released!

After three editions of Take Control of Podcasting on the Mac it was time to make the iPad and iPhone equal partners and change the title to just Take Control of Podcating. The new book is a major revision of the previous and is now available to purchase!

I have created a companion website at https://takecontrolofpodcasting.com/ to go along with the book and invite anyone interested to check it out and join in!

The book was the perfect COVID-19 project, filling in my evenings where there were no longer in-person rehearsals and no Geeks Who Drink trivia to host locally. I began working on the outline in around March and began writing the book in earnest in June. It’s the longest version yet and covers a great deal of topics. If you are looking to start a podcast, it’s a fantastic companion. If you are an experienced podcaster, you may still learn useful tips and tricks to up your game.

Positive Comments Make My Day

Louis Trapani wrote a wonderful blog post about my book, Take Control of Podcasting on the Mac, 3rd Edition. The reception the book has received has been very gratifying and I am thankful to everyone who has bought it and gotten back to me.

I have taken a bit of a hiatus from podcasting as I have been busy starting a new job but am planning on resuming my podcast¬†for Swamp Meadow Community Theatre and possibly starting one or two other projects I’ve been thinking about, as time permits.

In the meantime, please drop me a line if you’ve read¬†the book and have questions, comments, or even just want to say hi!