Reunion 10 Article

My article on Reunion 10 for Mac is now live on And with that, I am now back into genealogy after close to a decade away. What’s nice, and I mention this in the article, is that in my first ten minutes of using Reunion 10, I found a set of great great great grandparents I didn’t previously know about!



Scripting News: 3/21/2005

Scripting News (Dave Winer):TidBITS isn’t a blog, it’s an email newsletter, a website, and an RSS feed. It’s been published for well over a decade. And with all the blogs and Mac fan sites it’s possible that some Mac users don’t know about it. Regulars include Adam Engst, Matt Neuburg and Glenn Fleishman. It’s not flashy, but it sure is smart. Their report on podcasting was definitive.”

The report in question is my article. So, that’s a really great thing to read coming from Dave. High praise. Thanks Dave!

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