Wireless Gets Dangerous “Probably Wireless Gets Dangerous “Probably one of the biggest drawbacks of joining the hyper-connected set is a shortage of pockets. Carrying a mobile phone, PDA and maybe a wireless e-mail device like a Blackberry can become a logistical challenge.” — Arik Hesseldahl

Me? I have a variety of small bags I use depending on what I need to carry around. Generally, I have a cell phone on my belt and my laptop and Palm in my backpack. I used to wear a blackberry and I sometimes do miss it but I’ve found that I am no longer the hyper-wired. Part of it is being a parent. I no longer want to be connected when I am not physically in the office. Rather, I want to be with my family. Also, I’ve done the hyper-wired thing. It’s stressful. You’re always answering calls and emails and dealing with things. I like being out and about and just enjoying what I am doing. I have more control over my life now. Maybe my job will change such that I need to be more on call and will have to go back to the hyper-wired lifestyle. That’s fine. But it’s not something I am looking for outside of that potential necessity.