Why does Verisgn make it

Why does Verisgn make it so hard to manage domains with them? I have two. One of them is currently inactive because they claim I haven’t paid them and that I have to prove that I have before they will reactivate me. So, now I have to troll through my banking statements and receipts to find the right thing. That would be fine if those files weren’t up in Rhode Island. I paid a renewal to get it reactivated and if I can prove I previously paid (a year or two ago when I renewed for many years) then they will make my renewal go from the actual expire date rather than the one they have on file. Very annoying. And the only reason I didn’t get any notices from them is because the admin and billing contact information was very old and they make it nearly impossible to update that information in the first place.

So, that’s my saga for today. If you are trying to email me, don’t use my raggedcastle.com address. It’s nonfunctional at the moment. Use one of the other addresses you have for me. If you have no others, wait 24-48 hours and try again.