Buying a house sucks. There’s

Buying a house sucks. There’s no two ways about it. And there’s no reason to mince words. It sucks. A lot. We drove around in the snow yesterday looking at the outside of a few places we’d gotten from our buyer agent just to see if we were intrested in seeing the inside (we couldn’t get ahold of her so figured we’d at least do this much). Both were excellent from the outside. So, we called and asked her to get us in to see the inside. Uh oh. Both were already under contract. That took no time. So, we’re going to go back out today and do open houses, new listings, etc. But it appears that the only people who get to buy these units are the ones who get there first before anyone at all. With a 22 month-old, we aren’t exactly fleet of foot, if you know what I mean. And Ann and Jack have to go back to Rhode Island at the end of the week meaning that I either have to make any buying decisions without her input or hope that we can get her down here on a plane before it’s too late. So, this process sucks.

If anyone has any good advice, I’m all eyes.