Well, I’ve got one reader!

Well, I’ve got one reader! apulrang.diary: "Andy wonders if anyone is reading his blog. I’m curious about that myself, about my own diary. However, I know I read Andy’s, and I know he’s ready mine. That’s enough to keep me at it. Because really, I don’t think I blog for actual readers, but for myself and some sort of hypothetical reader. If I were all of a sudden to find out a lot about a whole bunch of new readers, I think it would change my blogging style and habits. I don’t know if they’d change for better or worse, but they would definitely change. I don’t mind if that happens, but I’m in no hurry for it to happen, either"

Andrew has a good point. Right now, I have a pretty good idea who is reading this. For the most part it is friends, no family (not sure why, but I don’t push much either), and a few other bloggers who found me at some point, liked a particular entry and linked to it and now wonder why they are still reading 🙂

But what if my audience widened a great deal? What would change? Well, I’d probably get a lot less personal in what I write. Not that I’m that personal now but I’m certainly not quiet about some things.

It’s an interesting point of view. If I ever get that popular, I’ll revisit this. But I doubt that that will happen.