Ok, it’s all fixed now…

Ok, it’s all fixed now. For now. Here’s what I learned in the last 24 hours:

  1. Moving Radio from one machine to another is a miserable task. You have to update all references to the path to your data in the myriad of places it exists. The included script to fix this (which I found out about belatedly) does not work properly with Radio and I did find someone who had updated it for Radio but it still did not solve the problems. In the end, Radio worked by nothing I could do would make the Manila/Blogger bridge tool work so I couldn’t update my blogger blog at the same time any longer.
  2. If you give up on this kind of venture and revert back to your older copy, any blog entries you make with the other copy are blown away entirely as the older copy simply sends up what it knows about. This is not entirely unexpected but it would be nice if the software noticed that there was stuff on the server it didn’t know about and offered to transfer it down to your local database or at least warn you that it’s going to blow it all away.
  3. Sometimes upstreaming doesn’t work and you have to kick it hard. As far as I can tell, I was having DNS issues getting to plant.blogger.com which was mucking up the entire upstreaming process. When I replaced that with an IP address (a temporarly solution) it worked again and my blogger site was being updated while the radio one wasn’t. Quitting and restarting Radio and forcing an update by editing some entries finally got it working again.
  4. Radio’s purpose to make blogging easier for the masses has a long way to go. Once something goes wrong, you have to be a technical type to solve it. If I hadn’t been a Frontier developer in days of yore and an all-around geek, I doubt I would have been able to fix the problems I had and would have had to reinstall from scratch. Not user friendly by a long shot.

Hey, don’t get me wrong, I still like radio and am glad I paid for it. Doesn’t mean I can’t be critical…