Spike Milligan

The Doc Searls Weblog : Thursday, February 28, 2002 Well, this is incredible. Doc talks about an NPR piece on Spike Milligan of the Goon Show (and so much more) who passed away a few days ago. (Aside: I know of the goon show from my friends the Brothers Fisher who always quoted it around the house I shared with them right after college). They spoke about Spike’s influence on The Firesign Theater and that got me reminiscing. I grew up on Nick Danger and other gems from those four very, very funny men. They were a huge influence on my own weird sense of humor. So much so that when I finally made my wife sit through side two of “How Can You Be in Two Places at Once if You are Not Anywhere at All” she looked at me and said “That explains it! Now I understand!” Anyway, the wow part of this blog entry is that Doc talked about how Firesign Theater got their start but was unsure of a detail and who should respond in the comments of his blog? One of the original members. Follow the link and read for yourself. That, to me, is one of the great things about the Internet.