Leper Messiah

Leper Messiah is a new weblog I just found which is wonderful. The author (whose real name I didn’t bother to find because I’m a sick, lazy, fuckhead today) has a lot of great gems and some insightful observations. I laughed, I cried, it was better than cats.

Anyway, my favorite (and it’s damned true): “Have you ever noticed how free small children are? For example, at one point this weekend, my goddaughter took off her pants because she “didn’t want to wear them”. She then spent the rest of the day running around in a purple shirt & undies, without a care in the world. When do we adults lose that feeling of nonchalance? Can you imagine being at the office, in a small, confining, cookie-cutter cubicle, and just deciding to take off your pants because you didn’t feel like wearing them anymore? Or running down the street (sans-pants), jumping in the air yelling “I’m a fairy princess! I’m a fairy princess!”? Oh, how I envy her that freedom…. “