Aside from stars made of quarks (as found by my old friend the Chandra X-Ray Observatory — see the site my wife and I designed for them at – specifically the public outreach site) it’s been a busy week. I’m still out here and I owe a lot of people email. I’ll respond this weekend, I promise. After I finish the taxes. Hey, at least we’re getting a refund this time around. With all the insanity of last year, it’s nice to know we’re getting a little something back from it!

The new home is shaping up nicely (pictures coming soon) and Jack has more words (something that sounds like “eyesh” which is either cheese or Thomas the Tank Engine, “Story” when he wants a story (he pounds his chest to request Goodnight Gorilla), “Key”, “Blue”, and I *think* he tried to say Lion tonight… Pictures of him coming soon as well. He’s 25 months old and 6’3″ and 200 pounds. Or something like that.

Well, sleep beckons.