The Selling of an Energy Policy.

The Selling of an Energy Policy. Al Gore writes passionately (really!) about the Bush Administration’s abysmal record on the environment. It’s clearly a trial balloon for a 2004 run for the Presidency but it’s also a direct, scathing critique of Bush and his cronies. Gore is, to me, an unfortunate figure. He’s incredibly smart and I believe he would make a good President. However, I do not think he would make a great President. In fact, I worry that the left has no real good people who can make a strong bid in 2004. I worry that we’re going to get another Mondale or Dukakis rather than someone who was able to do what Clinton did in ’92. But we desperately need this as Bush is already showing his true colors with the War to Drag On and On, the trashing of the environment, and his unfortunate stance towards Israel (see Carter’s op-ed for a much more sane approach). But 9/11 has thrust perceived greatness on this man who simply doesn’t deserve it.