Photo Op-Portunism

Photo Op-Portunism: "So now the White House gets caught peddling 9/11 commemorative photos. With all the class of a 1:30 a.m. infomercial for an electronic ab stimulator, the G.O.P. pitched donors, for a bargain price, a pictorial triptych of W.’s “defining moments.” "

Is there no end? If it seems I’ve done little but blog op-eds decrying the Bushes lately it’s because I stand in utter amazement that he’s getting away with all of this. So, Clinton got a blow job and had shaky connections (never proven) to whitewater and he’s evil. But this president let his energy policy be written by Enron, exploits 9/11 for both civil-liberties-crushing policies and for his own political gain, an undeclared war (so as to get the spoils of war without the responsibilities of war) on a vague enemy (which he has yet to find), and now this? Wake up America. After this, Clinton is going to go down in history as a President who got caught lying over the least consequential stuff.

Oh, I’m sorry. Was my bleeding heart on my sleeve again? I hate when that happens. Laundry bills, you know.