Jack is picking up a new word every day…

Jack is picking up a new word every day or so, on average. When he gets a word, he uses it constantly as if he is practicing using it in every possible context to test out its limits.

The word the last two days is “bees” (but pronouced with a short, long “e” as if a frenchman was saying it “biss”… or like “beast” without the ending “t”). Anyway, that’s the word for all insects, regardless of whether or not they are actual bees.

The other day, he saw a spider on the floor and ran to me scared saying “bees! bees!” I showed Jack how I helped the spider outside. He loves anthills. He shouts “bees!” and it’s all we can do to keep him from putting his hand down to let them all climb up onto it.

Today, I baked him some chocolate chip cookies. (Gods bless Pillsbury ready-bake). When the cookie was warm, he just dug his finger into a melted chip and dug out the chocolate and ate it that way. When that was done, he sat and licked the cookie until it was quite gross. When I gave him a cold cookie at dinner he just looked at it and started saying “bees!” It was all I could do to convince him that the chips were not some kind of bug.

In the end, I ate the cookie. The price I pay sometimes, I swear.