Chalk it up to ‘Just Being Kids’

Ann got Jack some sidewalk chalk. These pictures are from Saturday when Jack and I, and two of the other kids in the neighborhood, did some impromtu art on the driveway:

A picture named driveway-chalk-2.jpg Ok, the random lines are Jack’s. I did most of the rest. But Jack does draw excellent circles.

A picture named driveway-chalk-3.jpg Jack also drew on the stairs and scraped the hell out of his arm and leg.

We left the art on the driveway and today after Jack woke up from his nap, we found about 8 kids hanging out on our lawn and driveway. One came to the front door and asked if Jack could come out to play and, maybe, could he bring his chalk too?

Out we went with the chalk. Jack immediately proceeded to do his own thing (ride around in his big plastic car) while a raft of kids all started drawing in our driveway. The drawing quickly devolved into covering each other with chalk. Much running around ensued and soon everyone was covered with chalk dust. So, I got out the hose to clean off the driveway and soon found myself hosing down all the kids.

A lot of parents probably hate me now. Their kids all came home soaking wet and chalky…