I’m sorry, Microsoft, but you’ll have to do better than that. In fact, never mind. I know that you won’t comprehend this, but listen: This is now a universe where laptops can stay up for weeks on end, always return from sleep, update their network parameters without rebooting, install software without “quitting all other applications”, never, never die with a blue screen of death, and only ever reboot after installing software for really good reasons. Which is probably what you’d have me do after installing IE 5.2.

I installed IE 5.2 and am even using it to write this post. I still use it though I find myself using Mozilla more and more often these days. OmniWeb, even in 4.1, has poor CSS support so it is nothing more than an occasional toy on my machine. But for my purposes, IE is still the tool of choice. Luckily, I finally got around it’s inability to allow me to turn off javascript pop-up windows (and pop-under ads) by using Privoxy.