Not-so-Lazy Blogging

Ok, I’ll actually write something.

A friend of ours called us tonight. Conversation wandered over to the Pledge of Allegiance and she commented on how disgusted she was over the ruling. “They’re taking away my religious freedom by telling me I can’t say these things now.” was her basic point.

That got me thinking. It’s clear that many religious people not only believe what they believe, but they also have a very hard time accepting that others don’t see things their way. The idea of not forcing people to invoke God appears to them as limiting their religious freedom when the exact opposite is the case. Public schools are run by the Government and that Government has strong boundaries between church and state for very good historical reasons. Blurring the lines is asking for serious trouble and is a slippery slope to a place where religious freedom is very much in danger. So what if the school no longer requires your child to invoke God in the pledge? Who cares? Religion is something for the home, for the family. If it bothers you that much, send your child to a private school.

Now, on the flipside, I have to ask “Who the hell cares?” Look, I’m an atheist. Always have been. When I was six I was given a book about the Creation story and demanded to be given an adult book, not some kid’s fairy tale book. I’ve always been that cynic. And despite my beliefs (or lack thereof) I never cared a whit about the pledge. It was an annoying ritual I had to endure every morning. Nothing more. When I was old enough to actually be of a mind to protest, I just dropped out my voice on the god part. Simple.

Ironically, I later went to a private religious school. But that’s another story for another day.