A Day at the Beach

A picture named Jack-Sand.jpgThis morning we got up and went out to Newport to take Jack to the beach. Our favorite is 2nd Beach (actually in Middletown, RI but who’s counting). It was a windy day. I cannot begin to emphasize how windy it was. Sand got into everything. It covered Jack’s face, it covered our towels, it got into everything. It blew into our picnic basket. It was windy.

A picture named Jack-Waves-1.jpgWe moved quickly down towards the water where the wetter sand wasn’t blowing anywhere near as much. After a brief time playing it the sand, Jack made it clear that we wanted to get into the water. The waves were really pounding out there and the under-toe was pretty strong. Whenever the water ran back out, Jack could barely stand up and kept getting pulled (while standing) down the beach. So, I sat him down. He loved that!

A picture named Jack-Waves-2.jpgWhenever the water ran back out, he sank a little more into the sand. We had to keep picking him up out of the holes he was digging (or, rather, the water was digging going past him).

A picture named Jack-Dad.jpgThis picture says it all.