Friday Mellowness

A picture named Chichester-House.jpgOn Friday, we drove out to my sister Jen’s house outside of Phoenicia for lunch.

A picture named Bob-n-Linda.jpgOur friends Bob and Linda were up from Boston attending a party in the area and they came over for lunch. Like my friend Michael I’d reconnected with two days earlier, Bob is an old friend from Buck’s Rock. We’d reconnected a year ago and have all gotten together a number of times before we left Boston.

A picture named lunch.jpg

A picture named Jack-n-Joey.jpgAnn had fun taking pictures of Jack playing with his cousin Joey…

A picture named flowers.jpg…and taking pictures of my sister’s astounding garden.

A picture named flowers-2.jpg

A picture named Jack-door.jpg

After lunch we wandered into Woodstock and then parted ways. Ann, Jack and I had dinner out with my mother.