Why am I still up?!

Jack wakes up around 7:30. When he does, he sill call out “Daddy! Daddy!” it’s wonderfully cute and I love that he’s so into me right now. But given the time (1:25ish) this means that I’m going to be a zombie in the morning. Why the heck am I still up and awake when I’m normally in a coma by 11?

I don’t really know. I’m not stressed, I’m not worried, I’m not on caffeine, I’m not working on anything. It’s just one of those nights when I was having fun reading blogs, getting caught up on stuff, and messing around. No reason in particular. In short, I’m being undisciplined.

Well, tomorrow’s going to be quite a busy day so I’m also getting in my fun surfing while I can. I expect I won’t have much time for it tomorrow.

One question: does anyone know where my PS2 memory card went? I wanted to play FFX today and noticed the card was missing. WTF is up with that? I never take it out of the machine so which one of you bastards took it?

Ah fuck it. I need sleep. Good night beautiful. See you in my dreams.