I thought this only happened to other people…

We are the worst parents on the planet.

Tonight, we took Jack for ice cream in Reston and let him eat his cone sitting by his favorite fountain in the world. And everything was just picturesque and fine until Jack fell in.

Yes, we let our 29 month old son fall into a fountain.

He went under and came right back up. Looks like the lessons I’ve been giving him at the pool combined with his natural survival instincts have paid off. He came right back up blowing air out of his mouth and nose just like I taught him.

He was pretty freaked out and cried. But we hugged him and told him how proud we were of him for coming right up.

Then he said he wanted to go back into the fountain and cried when we said no.

We stripped him down and put him and his enormous diaper into the car seat, took him home and let him water the plants (and the car, the house, the steps, and us) with the house. Then we threw him into the bathtub.

After dinner he went upstairs and ran to the bathroom and shouted “Wa wa!” I couldn’t believe he wanted still more water after all that!

We let our son fall into a fountain. Incredible.

Guess we can’t ever show our face in Reston again… 🙂