As Time Goes By: A Tribute

This is our current favorite show.

Ever few years we seem to do this. We find some show we just fall in love with and go deep with it. Some years back I got Ann hooked on Babylon 5. She’s hardly the sci-fi type so I was very surprised that she got into it at all. But the politics behind the plot were fascinating and it was one of the only shows to ever have a fully planned plot over five seasons which made it much different from other shows. And, really, she loves Bruce Boxleitner. So, we taped the show every day and have an impressive stack of some 30 tapes with the entire series on it.

Now Ann’s taping this show every day. We have three or four seasons already and know that in a week or so it will wrap back to season 1 and we’ll pick up the first three or four seasons.

What’s cool about this site (aside from the highly detailed plot summaries for each episode) is the fact that it has the first three of the new season currently in taping.

Oh, and Ann? You might want to avoid reading the Season 9 stuff. There’s one hell of a whopper of a spoiler in there for what’s coming… 🙂