Jaguar Impressions

Well, I didn’t go to an Apple store at midnight on Friday. We went around 11AM the next day. By Saturday night, it was installed on both the TiBook and the Cube. By Sunday, the cube was dead when I tried to run iTunes. Turns out we had major hard disk corruption. I Norton’d it and then reinstalled and all seems to be well there.

Anyway, first impressions:

The Good

  • Fast. Even the TiBook, normally a bit pokey, feels snappier. The cube is screaming.
  • Dock icons for shrunk windows contain a mini icon idicating the app that owns them
  • I never realized I had sound in! I was messing around with the sound input preference panel, made a noise and jumped when the level meter moved.
  • Screen saver on my desktop? Neat!
  • Finder options galore.
  • New Sherlock, new calculator, new mail, ichat, new address book, etc. New stuff all good.
  • Much nicer on a windows network (at work).

The Bad

  • The mail app crashes at the drop of a hat. No clue why it’s all screwed up but I’m back to Entourage again.
  • Radio Userland is acting very badly. Most of the time I can’t get in to the default internal port. It’s blocked by something.
  • The cube’s death. Probalby not Jaguar’s fault, though…

There’s lots more to say but it’s late and I’m very tired. Neat stuff. I like.