Various and Sundry

Too much driving in the rain, throwing my back out, more driving in the rain, too much traffic, lots of back pain.

Aside from that, it was a lovely vacation. We saw Possession and really enjoyed it. Then again, we both loved the book. We went to a wedding where we were both guests and the official photographers (the groom was our DJ so it was a trade type thing) and we discovered that we rather enjoyed photographing the wedding. Who knows, it may be the next career. We went to Boston and saw friends and had friends come and visit us in Rhode Island (which is where we were, btw). We had very brief (too brief) pitstops in New York. Wish we could have stayed longer as we have friends there we are long overdue for visiting (hi Ed! hi Bob!).

Anyway, I’m back now. Radio Userland seems to have issues with Jaguar (OSX 10.2) and is flaky about actually working. So, posts may be sporadic as my patience with trying to fix this dictates.

In other news, I attended a meeting at the Old Executive Office Building. That’s next door to the White House and is, for all intents and purposes, part of the White House. The building is quite lovely, though somewhat boring and institutional on the inside once you get past the pretty staircases. The project is a go again. On October 16, we’ll be launching our new site, the replacement to which, sadly, is in hibernation at the moment. For the next 45 or so days, that is my life. The big hold-up was getting all the ducks in a row. But, last week, the most important piece of the puzzle was put into place: The President signed the executive memorandum which mandates that the site exist. Granted, it’s a call to develop a site which has been in existence for two years now but that’s government work for ya.

My back is killing me. Pain pills and sleep.