The New Car

We went out yesterday to test drive some cars. Ann did a lot of research online in the morning and we narrowed it down to a
Honda CR-V, Honda Oddessey, Toyta Rav4, or Toyota Sienna. All had top safety ratings and were in the right price range.
The big question was to go SUV or Minivan. SUV seemed the better choice because the prices were better and we don’t have that
many kids (though we hope to, eventually!).

A picture named NewCRV.jpg
The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray. We ended up coming home with a brand new CR-V.

A picture named SoShiny.jpg
It’s blue and it’s very shiny.

A picture named old-new-honda.jpg
It’s parked in the driveway behind Ann’s old 1991 Honda Civic taking the place of my white Nissan Sentra which we traded in.
I’m going to miss that car but, apparantly, nowhere near as much as Jack will. When they took the Sentra away last night he
started to cry saying “White car? White car?” and even this morning, he looked out the window at the new car and asked “White car?”

I told him the white car was sleeping.

A picture named NewDash.jpg
We’re very happy with our new car, even if we are a bit freaked out at what we just did. We haven’t had car payments in years
and while we can afford this, we’re still pretty wigged.