Dump ‘Em

I’ve had it with the Democrats. They can’t get anything working anymore. When they pat themselves on the back for mustering a good amount of support against Ashcroft’s nomination, when they think they are doing the right thing by playing along with Bush’s war drums instead of sticking to their principles and speaking out, when they sit by and just watch while terrible things happen to civil liberties in the name of a bullshit war on terrorism, it’s time to admit that you are no longer any use to anyone at all.

The progressives (they even let “Liberals” become a bad word) need a new party with new leaders to move the progressive agenda forward. This country is still pretty evenly divided in terms of progressive/conservative. We need a new party that will actually lead and inspire the progressive half to actually get out the vote and participate!

Yeah, I’m pissed.

And I’m also scared now. Having the entire gov’t be one party is bad enough. Having it be one party when that party is so rabid and mean is really bad. I haven’t felt this way since… the mid 80’s…