Mr. Resident

Al Gore is finally talking.

I remember being very on the fence about him before the 2000 election. But then I read an interview with him in Rolling Stone and I realized that he was a truly smart person who really understood what was going on in the world. I realized that he just had a terrible image problem and he wasn’t helping himself by trying on different faces during the debates. I felt confident that he would be an excellent president.

And then he lost. And as time wore on, I got angry and blamed him for a mismanaged campaign. That later grew into a feeling that he wasn’t good enough for the job and didn’t deserve it.

Now, reading another interview with him, I’m realizing that my first instinct was right. Here is a smart person who would make a good President.

Heck, the democrats need to find somebody who they can stand up after all of this mess. Can anyone name anyone better?