Have some Whine

Irony update: after writing that blog entry about the death of my stuff, the Cube up and died. Well, more accurately, I killed it. See, I kept rebooting it over and over again to try to get it past the weird graphics card problem (after a while, it generally stops and I can move on) and I managed to cheese the hard drive. Luckily, I’d partitioned the drive and had another OS running on a different partition so it still comes up but until we get that video card replaced, I can’t do much with it. I did, however, borrow a wireless access point from work so at least I can use my laptop around the house and not just at the kitchen table.

Ann left yesterday to drive to Rhode Island to get her parents. It’s not that they won’t fly or take the train, it’s that they don’t want to go through the trouble. When Ann said “Fine, then I’ll come get you and drive you down” they called her bluff. So, off she went and left me with Jack for the weekend and no car. The longest I’d ever been solo with Jack is part of a day. Either it was me and him out and about for the better part of a day or it was an evening home alone when Ann went out. But two whole days and nights straight? Nope. And without a car so we can go out and do things? Never.

But I was looking forward to it. I knew we’d stay in and play and watch movies and just be guys. I figured we may order pizza, drink beer, and watch raunchy movies but then I remembered he’s only 2 3/4 so we’ll stick to the pizza.

And last night was fine. We had dinner together, played a bit and then he went off to bed.

And then I woke up this morning. My head hurts, I’m congested, I feel miserable. I can’t believe it: I’m sick. Me, with the iron constitution. Me, who never gets sick. I’m sick. I weakly dragged myself to my backpack where I keep my cold medicine (this has actually been brewing for a few days and Ann got me some medicine on Thursday to help me get through it). That’s when I discovered that I’d left it in the office. (I also left the MacOS X 10.2 install disc which means I can’t fix the Cube either).

Soooooo, I’m here, sick, with a no-longer sick Jack who’s bursting with energy to *do* things after nearly a month of low-activity/staying in and the one weekend project I thought I’d try to do, fixing the home computer, I can’t even do as I left the CD at work.

Ah well, it’s an adventure. I took some of Jack’s cold medicine and it’s starting to work. And now we’ll go downstairs and I’ll foist some Christmas movies or cartoons on him. And we’ll still order that pizza.

Wish me luck… 🙂