I seem to still be alive. We got through the day and I napped when he napped and we had boboli pizza for dinner. I took some of the cold medicine we bought him. I just doubled the dosage figuring that would be the right dosage for me. So far, so good.

He went off to bed and I took a shower and then went to sleep not long after. This morning I can tell I’m still not well but I managed to get up and moving and I have a lot of cleaning to do today so the house is in shape for when Ann arrives with my in-laws.

I asked Ann to call me when they were leaving so I’d have an idea when they were getting here (it’s a nearly 8 hour drive when the traffic is not heavy). It’s 9:30 and she hasn’t called yet. I really hope she just forgot and they got the planned early start. The sooner relief arrives, the better! I know I can always call her to find out what’s what but I’d rather believe they left early then discover they’re still loading the car…

Well, a certain little boy wants me to play with him and who am I to refuse?