Imaginary Worlds

Landscape1.jpgI used to love to play with Bryce. It’s been years since I’ve had the chance. See, back then, I was working at Dartmouth College and had access to both educational pricing and, it so happens, I ran the pre-sales/demo area for the computer store so I also had access to all of the free software I was able to pry out of the various sales people. So, I got to play with Bryce a lot. Then I left Dartmouth and couldn’t afford it. So, I don’t play with it anymore. (Maybe I can talk my wife into letting me buy it…) Anyway, today I came across Terragen open-beta, a new terrain editor for Mac and Windows. It’s very nice.

Landscape2.jpgThese two images are what I was able to come up with in a short time of playing around. The program is pretty easy to use and has a wealth of features. Of course, I haven’t looked at Bryce since version 2 or something so who knows what I can do with that program now… anyway, this is fun and reminds me how much fun I have building imaginary worlds and scenes.