We’ve been reading some Dr. Seuss to young Jack
And so far it’s been fun: he always says “Come back
And read more about Green Ham and Green Eggs
And tell me about feet at the end of one’s legs!”

And it’s never a problem, I’m happy to read
These stories to Jack for as long as he needs.
But today something changed. We found something new
When I read to him how Horton had heard the wee Who.

See, it is a much longer Seuss book by far
I realized as we read in the car
And when I was done and I said the last line
I found that I could not stop speaking in rhyme.

I thought I was mad. I thought I’d gone crazy!
Maybe I’ve just become very lazy.
But tonight after dinner, on his way off to bed
It happened again! Boy my face sure turned red
As I answered the phone “Hello who is calling?
The hour is late, and the night is quick falling
so please be brief ere I hang up the phone
And tell me why you’ve called me at home.”

I don’t know how I can cure this strange ill
Maybe I just need to focus my will
On speaking normally, slowly with care
Until all rhymes and rhythms aren’t there
And then I’ll be sane, quite normal, you see
But normal is not a word that suits me.

So, who cares whatever people may think.
If they don’t like it, well then they just stink.
So on I now go with meter and rhyme
Until some new book takes over my mind.