Salon warns it may not survive…

Salon Dying?

The San Francisco-based company painted a grim financial picture in a quarterly report filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. [Daypop Top News Stories]

This is sad. While I never actually paid for the service I did like that it was out there. It was one of the older breed of web sites that tried a number of strategies to survive all these years. I always thought I should pay for their premium services but I always had too much to read, too little money to spend on such things, and no desire to pay for an Internet service. And therein lies the real problem. We don’t want to pay for these things. We don’t want to see the nasty pop-up ads. We want our cake and eat it too. I come from the age when everything on the net was free, community property. I guess if I want to see such things continue, I need to pony up to the bar and pay my fair share. Maybe if Salon gets an investor and survives, I will.