I somehow started thinking about people I have not thought about for years. Some were ex-girlfriends, some were old friends from long ago, some were people I’d not gotten along with at all and I was curious what became of them and some go back even further: people I went to grade school with, girls I had crushes on back in 4th grade, places I’d been ages ago…

It made me wonder if anyone from the deep dark past was ever curious what happened to me and was ever trying to look me up. It occurred to me that the fact that I’ve changed my name might cause some issues. (For those of you just tuning in, I took my wife’s name when we got married. Well, I took it in daily usage. My driver’s license still has the old name. I promise I’ll take care of that soon. Really.) Then again, maybe no one is looking for me. Maybe I’m the only one who does this.

But, just in case, here’s some stuff to make me findable in google, should anyone actually be trying:

Andy J. Williams Affleck Scarsdale Bronxville Yonkers Manhattan Brooklyn Woodstock Hanover Cambridge Waltham New Rochelle Academy Fordham Prep Buck’s Rock The Loft Dartmouth College Harvard Graduate School of Education The ACK! xyz xcaliber Kiewit CRC HMI WebCT Phi Tau Cashie’s Greenville Greenvale Bronson Kensington Terrace Fleetwood Acres London Terrace Towers Rhode Island New Hampshire New York Massachusetts and Spooger.

No, I will not explain that last item. It was college. We were young.

I feel better now. I expect the emails to come flooding in from past acquaintances any moment now.