John Dean: Is Lying About the Reason for War an Impeachable Offense?

This is a fantastic article which lays out the issues very clearly. What I don’t have time to do right now is read the messages in the message board afterwards. That’s later today.

Update: I read through them. Only six or so at this point in time. As usual, the pro-Bush ones miss the point entirely. They argue that “Come on, we know they are there. You think Saddam was actually telling the truth?” Well, is that so hard to believe? And even if he was lying and there really are WMD’s in Iraq, the point Dean is making that is not being addressed is that the Bush Administration claimed they knew for a fact that that they have them and know where they are and now can’t find them. If they do find them at this point, it will be a lucky break for them. They did lie to us or were badly misled. If they were telling the truth, they’d have the weapons in hand already.