Thunderstorm PicturesWe finally got a decent storm tonight. We closed the lights, opened the shades, sat back and enjoyed the show. The first picture is the saltellite map just after the storm passed by (click on pictures for larger versions).

LighteningThese next two are shots of lightening I was able to capture. Details: Canon PowerShot G3, F 2.0, Exposure: 1.60 seconds. I put the camera in “rapid shooting” mode and just let it take picture after picture. After 89 pictures, these are the two that actually came out reasonably well. It would have been better had I not taken these through a screened, wet window. But, hey, it was a lark anyway.

Thunderstorm PicturesIt also would have helped if I had had a tripod rather than balancing the camera on the top of the closed window next to the lock. At one point it fell and I just barely caught it. That would have been a big problem…