Some Red Sox Links

As we near the seventh inning stretch of the season (which I am defining to be sometime after I post this so the “as we near” part makes sense), here are some Red Sox links for your amusement:

* The Remy Report: Jerry Remy, our favorite color commentator and former Sox 2nd Baseman has a fun website. He single-handedly made Wally something fun instead of stupid. Who knew that was even possible?
* Musings from Red Sox Nation: talk about a detailed weblog. Statistical analysis and more…
* The Red Sox Rag: Another Sox weblog.

We’re facing the reality that we will not make it to Fenway Park this year. We’ve looked into getting tickets for the game on Ann’s birthday but being that it’s a Yankees game, the tickets sold out sometime in the 19th century. So, maybe we’ll hit a Pawtucket game when we’re up there. AAA is often more fun anyway. We can play the “Who’s gonna get called up on Sept 1st” game.