Da Vinci Code

A ways back, I read the Da Vinci Code. It was quite good. I felt that a few of the early puzzles in the book were incredibly simple and I didn’t buy these smart people puzzling over them the way they did. And the writer’s style of ending virtualy every chapter with a mini-cliff-hanger which was usually resolved on the next page was a bit melodramatic. All that said, I did enjoy the book a great deal.

binarytoybox writes about the puzzles on the DaVinciCode.com website. I’d been meaning to try that out and since it’s just me and the Red Sox tonight (on ESPN), I figured I’d give it a go.

I’m stuck on the emailing Professor Langdon. I sent my email and have gotten nothing back. I’m not sure if I asked the wrong question or if remote server is busted.


Anyway, fun fun fun…

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