Let’s (really) Roll

Salon.com | Why Dean and Franken are so hot right now

A great look at the return of the left. Where ya been you slackers?

On Monday, the New York Times’ Adam Nagourney reported that the White House and the Democratic Party have both concluded that because of the increasingly polarized and evenly divided political landscape, the 2004 race will focus mainly on turning out the parties’ core voters, rather than appealing to swing voters and independents. This means a campaign unlike 2000, with its muted, centrist tones, but one that delivers red meat to the parties’ respective bases. And what is the temper of the Democratic Party base? They loathe Bush and everything he stands for — he’s become a lightning rod for dark and febrile passions in the same way Bill Clinton was (and is) for the GOP core. It’s not just his harebrained ideological nostrums for how to reorder America and the world. They hate him and it’s personal. They hate his frat-boy smirk, his phony fly-boy act, his cringe-inducing mangling of the language, his born-again sanctimony, even his Texas twang and his godforsaken, tumbleweed ranch where only someone as fence-post-dumb as W. would hole up in August. They hate him like their lives depended on it, lives that will certainly be unbearable if this bumbling extremist is reelected (or elected) in 2004.