Insomnia: It’s not just for people who can’t sleep anymore!

Our next door neighbor has something in his master bedroom which is beeping. Every six seconds “beep beep beep beep” in a nice, high-pitched beep. I was so tired at midnight that despite it, I just fell asleep. But when I woke up at 4AM, it bored into my brain and refused to let me sleep. So, here I at, about 4 hours of sleep and 45 minutes of frustration trying to get back to sleep, sitting in the kitchen contemplating the unfairness of it all.

Ever notice that it’s when you need sleep the most, you seem to not get it? Ann and I are both dealing with something stomach-related and, on top of that, I’ve had a terrible cough for nearly 2 weeks now which is finally slowing down but still there in all its annoying glory. So, sleep is the one thing I really need now. Alas, I’m in the kitchen, catching up on my surfing and checking out the latest on Isabel and thinking about what I have to do when.

Maybe I’ll see if I can catch some sleep on the couch. With my luck, it’s just close enough to hear the beeping…