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Clinton will be forever tarnished for “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” Dick Cheney’s continuing salary from the top profiteer of an invasion fueled by his sexed-up claims of Saddam Hussein’s weapons is the creation of a new, mad reality. Cheney has said in so many words, “I did not have financial relations with Halliburton.” Americans must determine whether that lie is as sexy as lies about sex. With nearly 300 American soldiers dead, one would hope so.

I find it so interesting how Clinton’s lies caused such an uproar and with the lies coming out of the Bush Administration (lies that are not just one man trying to hide a personal scandal but lies of an entire administration covering up crimes of far greater consequence including the lives of American servicemen and women) we are hearing much less. I see these articles but I don’t see the outrage in Congress like I saw back during the Clinton years. I guess it’s an “It’s OK if we lie because we have the country’s best interests in mind” kind of thing. Funny how it is the country’s best interest to make a bunch of rich Republicans richer. That’ll help everyone. Maybe trickle-down isn’t dead after all.